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Whether the task is product evaluation, measuring advertising lift, or studying customer satisfaction, our 2.5 million-member, all-mobile consumer panel is ready to provide you in-the-moment responses to your questions. See the examples below to get a better understanding of what you can do.

Production EvaluationProduct Evaluation

Understand what consumers think about your product and/or competing brands. Use in combination with
in-store and after-visit GPS targeting. Add multimedia to validate responses, receive visual data & get vivid comments in shoppers’ own words.

BuildAd Testing

Measure ad lift or get evaluations of messaging and content across any advertising channel – including
in-app ads. Field traditional text-based questions or hear respondents comment in their own words. Geolocate passersby to assess lift from billboards.

BuildIn-the-Moment Interviews

Reach consumers at the Point-of-Emotion® through a variety of multimedia capture questions. Get instant insights from the voice of the consumer. Smartphones’ video capabilities put you in a position to see and hear respondents react in-the-moment, in their own words.

BuildIn-Store Targeting & Shopper Decisions

Our GPS technology lets you reach consumers as they shop at relevant retail venues and make purchasing decisions. Understand exactly what they’re thinking while they’re at the store, or wait until they leave to ask them about their experiences while everything is still fresh in the mind.

BuildCustomer Satisfaction

Talk to your customers about their desires and expectations – and how you can fulfill them. Get instant insights about how consumers are experiencing your product or service.

BuildBrand Health Monitor

How does your brand compare to competitors? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when consumers see your logo? Smartphone capabilities such as app tracking and multimedia will provide deeper and more vivid insights.

BuildCreative Tests

Smartphones’ multimedia capabilities are ideal for seeing how consumers respond to products and packaging. They’ll tell you if your product is a hit – or give you a crucial early warning that it needs fixing.

BuildNon-Buyer Studies

Get insights into why some consumers leave without making a purchase. Were they just price shopping or was an item out of stock? Did they plan to buy, then change their minds? The answers will help you convert non-buyers into buyers.

BuildUnderstand The Competition

Why did a shopper choose a competitor’s product instead of yours? How do consumers view your brand compared to others? Keep ahead or gain ground with insights at the Point-of-Emotion®.

Case Studies


A real-time public test for MFourDIY™ – demonstrating its speed and nationwide reach, with each survey response posted online as it came in.


Leverage MFour’s GPS technology and 2.5 million-member active panel to get 200 validated, quality completes from natural shoppers at 7-Elevens in five hours or less.


The test landed 200 validated completes in less than 2½ hours, providing insights into shoppers’ demographics, motivations, and satisfaction.


Soon after introducing MFourDIY™ in spring, 2016, MFour mounted a public test of its capabilities by announcing it would land 200 completed responses in no more than five hours from shoppers at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Market insights professionals were invited to monitor results as they came in on the study’s project tracker.


Using its GeoValidation® technology, MFour located users of its Surveys on the Go® smartphone app who happened to be shopping at 7-Elevens nationwide. They received an in-app survey notification just as they left. The 5-minute survey aimed to demonstrate how MFour’s large, deeply engaged panel can bring home projects on extremely tight deadlines.


The 200 completes met the deadline in half the allotted time. The average completion time was three minutes – beating the five-minute estimate. Respondents were representative of key national demographics for smartphone users, including Hispanics (18% of respondents), African Americans (9%), and Asians (7%). Millennial and Gen X consumers accounted for 93% of responses. The distribution showed MFour’s particular strength in connecting clients with these groups, which typically can’t be reached with online surveys.

We learned that 53% of respondents visited a 7-Eleven at least five times monthly. 39% said they were “very satisfied” with the visit they’d just completed. The leading primary objectives for customers were buying a non-alcoholic beverage (30%) and buying gasoline (25%).


MFourDIY™ passed its test while the public watched in real time and saw the data coming in. The demonstration gave market researchers a clear example of the new product’s fast, easy fielding and sophisticated technology.

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